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Home Inspections

Preferred Home Inspection Services offers complete home inspections for:

  • Pre-Sale: Before you list your home, this is a detailed inspection of all of the systems and components so repairs/replacement can be done before listing the home for sale, this will help streamline the sale process.
  • Purchase: This will give a buyer a complete look at the functioning or defective components and systems of the home and also any recommendations for upgrades or replacement of any of the systems or components.
  • New Construction: This inspection can be performed in 2-3 stages of the home building process to find defects before they hidden behind walls, insulation or ceilings.
  • Wind Mitigation: This will be required by your insurance company with any purchase of a home. This inspection informs your insurance company of the type, age and installation methods used in the roof construction, as well as the type of windows and doors used and any other methods of Hurricane resistance, this inspection may also lower your current insurance premium.
  • 4-Point inspection: This inspection is also required with a home purchase, this is a "short" version of a full inspection that is provided to you and your insurance carrier, this informs them of the condition and age of the Roof, Plumbing, HVAC and Electrical systems.
  • Condominiums: Full inspections of all types of condos and townhouses.
  • Manufactured Homes: Full inspections of manufactured homes, inside, outside and underneath, if accessible.